Upgrade your web browser into a search engine boouncer!


Google Pagination

Light weight add-on

Boounce installs a light weight add-on (190k) into your web browser. Boounce is fast and takes up very little "real estate". Boounce is completely malware free. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Boounce between search engines

Boounce adds a row of small icons to the bottom of your search results. Each icon represents another search engine (or niche website) hopefully better adapted to your query. Clicking on one automatically performs your search in that search engine. There is no need to retype your search term or open a new browser tab.

People-powered recommendation engine

Boounce's recommendation engine is based on many factors including search term and community usage to determine the best alternative search providers to add to your search results.

The value of "Niche" sites

No search engine contains more than 1% of the Internet's data.* Most of the really important stuff is deep inside "vertical" search engines and niche websites. Unfortunatley, identifying and searching each one of these sites is time consuming. Boounce solves this by allowing you to leap between the best ones with a simple click from one place.

Don't change your search habits

Boounce allows you to keep your existing search habits. If Bing is your favorite search engine, keep using it. Boounce simply provides additional options.

Weed out duplicate results

Boounce hides duplicate result links as you Boounce between Google and Bing.

"Hideable" toolbar

Boounce operates it two modes; minimized mode and toolbar mode. Minimized mode simply adds the alternative search engines to your search results. Toolbar mode opens a thin toolbar that allows you to manually boounce through groups of search engines organized by topic. It's designed for power users.

Add, edit, and delete

Boounce is completely customizable. Simply organize your sites and groups in the toolbar by moving them around.

Help us make Boounce better!

As you add and organize sites, Boounce becomes better for everyone. This ensures only the most relevant sites are suggested by Boounce.

Videos: Watch how boouncing is a completely new way to find information...


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